Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello World!

This is my official debut to the world of blogging.... and I have to thank my coach Tim Dymmel at CrossFIt Palo Alto for pushing me to do! The first time I completed the Whole30 challenge, Tim asked me to start a blog to share my experience and for accountability... but of course I didn't and now I regret it because the experience I had with the challenge has completely changed my life!

I had previous failed attempts at complete the Whole30 challenge, so I knew I was prepared for success. Having tried a more 80/20 (sometimes 70/30 or even 60/40) approach to the Paleo Diet
I knew what I should be eating, it was just a matter of cutting out the crap. So I embarked on my Whole30 Challenge, with my older sister on my side and it became a whole Lent commitment so we extended it to a Whole45 days. Success led to not only weight loss but in better performance, sleep and all around better life.

So what is the Paleo Diet? Eating Paleo means eating like our ancestors used to eat: meat, lots of veggies, some fruit and healthy fats. It is important not to focus on what you can't eat but try and focus on all the healthy WHOLE food you can eat. All meals should include protein(meat and eggs), carbohydrates (veggies and fruit) and fat (healthy oils and nuts). This is all the body really needs, all the extra stuff on the don't list (no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no legumes, no processed food) is what is making everyone unhealthy... and as a CrossFitter, I am all about healthy!

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm excited to see how this develops.